Little Bamboo & The Little Linen Company

Little Bamboo Baby range of blankets, towels, sheets and more is made from organically grown Bamboo! The same company make The Little Linen range and we love it.


Save Our Sleep Cot Cellular Blanket - Silver - Grey
Price: AUD $44.99
Little Bamboo Cot Cellular Blanket
Price: AUD $44.99
Little Bamboo Hooded Towels - 0-4 mths
Price: AUD $28.99
'Little Bamboo' Large Cradle Fitted Sheet
Price: AUD $19.99
'Little Bamboo' Bassinet/Cradle Bamboo Blanket
Price: AUD $34.99
'Little Bamboo' Bassinet/Cradle Cellular Blanket
Price: AUD $24.99