Little Bamboo Cot Bamboo Blanket

Little Bamboo Cot Bamboo Blanket

'Little Bamboo' Cot Bamboo Blanket

*We are currently out of stock of the Little Bamboo Heirloom Cot Blanket we do however have the same identical product in stock here. The Save Our Sleep Cot Heirloom blanket are identical in every way with the only difference is The Little Bamboo white is more creamy and the Save Our Sleep is a Pure White and the branding (tags on product) and packaging as per brand. We also have the Save Our Sleep Cot Heirloom blanket available in White or Silver.



Little Bamboo Baby Blankets made from organically grown Bamboo!

This beautiful blanket has delicate hand-feel and is surprisingly heavy. Made using 100% bamboo (except the trim) it has an amazing drape that is great to use as a blanket for night time and on the go.

 Cot :150cm x 120cm 

Colour: Natural white

Composition: Organically Grown Bamboo with 100% Cotton Trim


Why does Tizzie love this product?

  • Tizzie loves the Little Bamboo blanket and it is Luxuriously soft and snuggly and just gorgeous to cover your baby with. 
  • The blanket is very well made and ensures that little fingers cannot poke through the material and get stuck and is made with both performance and comfort in mind.
  • Tizzie loves Bamboo as it is a wonderful material that breathes as well as holds in the warmth and is environmentally friendly.
  • The 'Little Bamboo' baby blanket is also trimmed with a 100% cotton binding and has a lovely drape.
  • The Little Linen Company is a local Melbourne, Australia company

Client Feedback

A really lovely blanket. I am very happy with my purchase. They are incredibly soft and feel delicious.

You can tumble dry and even though it's bamboo, which usually takes ages, I was surprised at how fast it did dry. I highly recommend this blanket and in fact will buy more for my next bub.

I won't buy another blanket now and will stick to this - it really is beautiful.



Please Note:

If you purchase two or more blankets within Australia and you would like them priority posted please choose the 'Priority Post Large Items' shipping option.


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