Little Bamboo Hooded Towels - 0-4 mths

Little Bamboo Hooded Towels - 0-4 mths
Price: AUD $15.00
RRP: AUD $24.99

The Little Bamboo Hooded Towel is your bathtime essential!

Viscose from Bamboo is the perfect super-soft fabric snuggling and drying your baby after bath time, and especially good for newborn or sensitive skin.

The super soft fibres in this hooded towel also make it far more water absorbent than regular towels.

Bringing together 40 years of history and innovation, Little Bamboo is one of the most popular and long-standing ranges of baby textiles in Australia.


Size: 75cm x 75cm

Composition: 70% viscose from Bamboo / 30% cotton

Beautifully soft and silk-like - perfect for newborn and sensitive skin

Extremely absorbent - gets baby dry faster


Why does Tizzie love this product?

  • Luxuriously soft and gentle to wrap baby up in straight after a bath
  • Fantastic Blend to ensure both performance and comfort
  • Increased water absorbency over your normal towels so it dries your baby faster
  • This towel is more hygenic as it it more antibacterial than cotton on its own
  • the Little Linen Company is a local Melbourne, Australia company

Available in single pack for $24.95 and double pack for $44.00 (save $5.90)

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