BABYBJÖRN - Fitted SHEET (for Travel Cot)

BABYBJÖRN - Fitted SHEET (for Travel Cot)
Price: AUD $39.99


The BABYBJÖRN Fitted Sheet for Travel Cot Light is a soft, organic cotton fitted sheet that provides a smooth, comfortable sleeping surface for your child.

The fitted sheet is sized to fit the mattress measurements, keeping it stretched and in place. The sheet is easy to fit and remove and is machine-washable at 60°C. The material is approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products, which means that it is guaranteed free from hazardous substances, safe for your baby’s delicate skin, and non-allergenic.



Why does Tizzie love the BabyBjorn Travel cot

I love the BABYBJÖRN travel cot!!!
There are a couple of things I am not so keen on about it but the good outweighs the slightly bad points. If I was going to buy a porta cot this is the one I would buy even with its price tag.
It sells for about $395.99 which sounds outrageous but out of all the cots I have tested I find this one is the only one that my children don’t sweat in. When I look at the amount of time I use one with the travelling we do, I think the $395.99 isn’t that bad I would pay much more for a pram and I don’t leave my babies in a pram for 12 hours over night.
Things I love about the BABYBJÖRN and what I don’t like about others. 
It has a cotton mattress which my children don’t sweat on. With my current porta cot which was the best of a bad lot my base is actually mouldy. This is because when I use it the base gets wet with sweat and last time I used it was in a hotel the night before we flew back to Australia from London. When we packed the cot up to run for the flight the base was wet byt the time we saw the cot 28 hours later it was in Melbourne we then drove home and the last thing that was on my tired mind was opening the cot to air it. When I next went to use it is was mouldy. So to me the cotton mattress in the Babybjorn alone is worth the price.
The BABYBJÖRN looks much smaller in height but it is only 4 cm lower then the one we have now. It just looks even lower because it in on the floor and doesn’t have the legs holding it up off the floor. It is actually 12 cm longer then our current one but don’t look it and I prefer it longer for my big kids. Darragh at nearly three slept in it fine last night. I like the idea of it base sitting on the floor because if Cillian decided to climb out and fell he would not fall as far as he would from the other one we have.

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Grace - NSW
These seem of poor quality to me. You can see the elastic and elastic outside that hasn’t been trimmed properly. I would definitely purchase the SOS brand instead of these. I have both now and the SOS sheet is of much nice quality and feels so much softer.

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