Lizzie Lamb Comforter

Lizzie Lamb Comforter
Price: AUD $33.99
Lizzie Lamb Comforter

Save Our Sleep Lizzie Lamb Comforter

This silky, soft, Tizzie Hall designed comforter has satin ears and trims on it's feet. Made of solid plush on one side and softer silkier plush on the other, each comforter has a character head in the centre. Lovable and cuddly, the Save Our Sleep ® Comforter will keep your baby company while he in falling asleep or resettling. This comforter will provide security and is sure to be a cherished sleep time friend.

  • Safe for newborns
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry low
  • 30.5cm X 30.5cm
  • 'Found label' so Lizzie can find their way home

Tizzie spends a lot of time advising against sleeping aids, and recommending sleep comforters instead, so people often ask about the difference between "comforters" and "aids." Read more about comforters vs aids 


Lizzie Lamb is white with cream face, hands and underside.



Charlene - NSW
I’m buying my fifth “Lambie” now as my daughter jjust LOVES it and takes it everywhere! She can’t live without it, and after a few losses, and the washing piled up (?? mum life) I’ve decided to get some extra “insurance”. These comforters are amazing, my first daughter never took to her comforter, it was a different brand, and she ended up being a thumb sucker. I didn’t take any chances with number 2! I’m so glad for Lambie ????
Sarah - Australia, melbourne
My baby loves these and has never slept a night without one
Zoe - Mooloolaba QLD Australia
My girl absolutely adores her Lizzie Lamb comforter. She sleeps with her every sleep and nap and has also used it for comfort when she first began daycare, after injections or when sick. When she has her comforter she relaxes and lies down and it’s been a life saver helping her sleep. I am so glad I introduced this when she was only 3 months older and would highly recommend anyone to buy one. Every time she goes into her cot she is so excited to see her lamb and it helps her go to sleep or go back to sleep when she wakes during the night.
Catherine - Perth, Australia
Where would we be without “Lambie”? The most beloved little friend for my daughter. If Lambie is there my daughter will sleep. The pure joy my daughter gets every time she goes to bed and sees Lambie would just melt your heart! Also washes well and wears well! The design has been really well thought out from cute little ears to grab to the little feet. I will never get sick of looking at my daughter stroke Lambie as she calmly drifts off to sleep! Another excellent Save our Sleep product.
Sarah - Ireland
I love these comforters, really great quality! I would totally recommend them!
Jo - Hunter Valley, NSW
I love Lamby (Lizzie) and more importantly, so does bub! It’s beautiful, soft and cuddly. I love to watch bub kiss them as he goes to sleep. We use two at a time, so four is the perfect amount (for us) for washing/rotation. Lamby was even able to get my bub to stop crying after his 6 month needles than breastfeeding!
Hannah - USA
My daughter has had her "Lambey" since she was a baby and absolutely adores it. Even though she's always been a good sleeper, this comforter has done wonders with soothing her. It needs to be washed OFTEN since it's cream colored, so I highly recommend having 4-5 extras.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you Hannah! Thank you very much for this great review.
Cathy - ACT
My son is almost 10 years old and still has his lambie. She is still 100% intact and in good condition, even after being loved for 10 years. Only issue is she's now grey after years of being washed. Highly recommend getting two. We lost one along the way.
Dana - Australia
I can’t recommended this highly enough! My daughter has had her ‘Sheepie’ since she was a tiny baby. It is such a great comforter and sleep aid - definitely saved our sleep. She is now almost 3 and still takes her EVERYWHERE! But sadly we lost her much loved ‘Sheepie’ yesterday and she is devastated. Buy two!!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
HI Dana Thank you for taking the time to pop this up, I am sorry to hear you have lost your 'Sheepie' but the good news is we try to always have them for sale so you can easily replace it. Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

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