Sudocrem ® Healing Cream 125gm tub

Sudocrem ® Healing Cream 125gm tub
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Sudocrem Healing Cream is a zinc based cream used for preventing and relieving the symptoms of Nappy Rash, Pressure sores, Incontinenence Dermatitis and Eczema and Minor Skin Irritations.

What is Nappy Rash?

Mild nappy rash appears as a generalised reddened area or small red dots on the skin, and is generally confined to the nappy area.

The extent and appearance of nappy rash can vary greatly.

The burning and itching sensation of nappy rash can cause your baby to be uncomfortable, irritable and restless.

What Causes Nappy Rash?

Even the best cared for babies may experience nappy rash.

Your baby's tender skin is delicate and can be irritated by:


  • Ammonia produced by bacteria in stools reacting with urine, which then irritates and burns the skin.
  • Wet / soiled nappies that are not changed straight away (for example when asleep).
  • Humidity caused by hot weather and pilchers (plastic pants) that can encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Loose bowel motions caused by a change in diet, vaccinations or when your baby is ill or teething.
  • Chemicals in washing detergents and soaps that are not rinsed out properly.
  • Alcohol and chemicals in some baby wipes, lotions and oils.
  • Soaps used at bath time that can wash away natural oils that protect your baby's skin.

How do I manage Nappy Rash?

Sudocrem ® Healing Cream soothes and heals the inflamed area while protecting your baby's delicate skin from irritants.

Directions for use

  • Clean and dry the affected area
  • Apply a thin, even layer of Sudocrem ® Healing Cream
  • Use at every nappy change to assist in the management of nappy rash
  • Use only as directed
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

How do I protect against Nappy Rash?

Protecting your baby's skin from coming into contact with irritants is the best prevention.

  • At each nappy change apply Sudocrem ® Healing Cream to clean, dry skin on your baby's nappy area. This forms a protective barrier for your baby's delicate skin.
  • Change nappies as soon as they become wet / soiled.
  • Clean the nappy area at every change, drying the skin with a gentle patting motion.
  • Avoid using pilchers (plastic pants).
  • Wash nappies in hot water using a mild soap. Thoroughly rinse out soap and dry outside in fresh air whenever possible.
  • Use a mild soap sparingly when you bath your baby.
  • Whenever possible, leave your baby's bottom exposed to the air - after bath time is ideal.

Available in -

  • 30gm tube
  • 125gm tub

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