Square Jersey Wrap

Square Jersey Wrap
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The Square Jersey Wrap is a large light weight, stretch jersey cotton wrap that makes wrapping your baby in the traditional way easy. Specially designed for use alone or over your Save Our Sleep safe Sleep Bag, as recommended from the age of eight weeks until as late as ten to twelve months. Can also be used as a feeding shawl, a cot top sheet or a warm weather pram blanket. 

Perfect for older children(8-12 months or older) that love being wrapped for sleep.

Size: 120 cm x 120 cm

Watch this video for Tizzies' Swaddling Method

Tizzies’ Swaddling Method

Step 1: Fold the wrap in half making it into a triangle.

Step 2: Place baby along the centre of the line with the top edge of the wrap level with the bottom of your baby’s earlobe. Ensure baby's head is always free from the fabric.

Step 3: Place your baby's arms across their chest and tummy.

Step 4: Take one side of the wrap from the side your have put the arm over the chest and stretch it across your baby's body towards the opposite side. Pull the fabric firmly around and under your baby's back and or bottom and pull firmly through the other side, stretching and smoothing the fabric as you go.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side starting with bringing the arm over the chest and tummy. Leave all excess fabric free at your baby's feet.





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