Pocket Spring Mattress to fit Boori Rocking Cradle & Bloom Mini Crib (Organic cover)*

Pocket Spring Mattress to fit Boori Rocking Cradle & Bloom Mini Crib (Organic cover)*
Price: AUD $199.00
RRP: AUD $280.01


This Save Our Sleep Mattress Tizzie has designed for use with her own baby and in her sleep clinic. Tizzie believes this mattress is the best on the Australian market. This mattress is firm and passes the SIDS and KIDS safe hand test. Tizzie designed this mattress specifically for the Boori Rocking Cradle with a low profile pocket spring.





What will my baby sleep on?

Often a lot of thought goes into the cot, but little is given to the mattress the baby will sleep on. I believe the mattress is more important than the cot.

The mattress your baby sleeps on should be the same as an adult’s mattress, simply smaller. The mattress should be made from high quality materials, have very good springs and provide good support.

Just because a cot comes with a mattress, does not mean that mattress is suitable for your baby. Many large baby stores make their own mattresses and put them into the cots, making it seem like that’s the mattress that you have to use. This is not the case at all and I recommend you not falling into that trap. Do research into the quality of the mattress, and I’ve found one of the best forms of research is to test it yourself. Test to see if the mattress is firm and comfortable, not lumpy or too soft. If you can feel the springs, then so will your baby, and they will not sleep well.

If you are not sure where to spend your money when it comes to cots and mattresses, I would recommend buying a cheaper cot and a better quality mattress. The colour of your cot won’t matter to your baby, but the quality of the mattress will.




Sheree - Adelaide SA
I stumbled across this mattress when looking through the SOS website for blankets and was pleasantly surprised to find an actual proper mattress (not a thin piece of foam) that fits my Boori Cradle perfectly. The quality is fantastic with a beautifully soft organic cotton cover. It is so much better than the 6 cm foam mattress that is sold with the cradle that i'm sure was leaving my bub cold in the night. Since changing her mattress over I have noticed my baby girl is having better sleeps. I am glad I made the investment into this mattress which has proved definite value for money.

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