Anywayup Cow Beaker 350 mls

Anywayup Cow Beaker 350 mls
Price: AUD $15.99
RRP: AUD $17.00
Anywayup Cow Beaker 350 mls

The Cow Beaker is designed to make milk-time fun for children, and to teach them about where milk really comes from – from those things in fields that say “moooooo”. This beaker makes a great water beaker as well.

The Cow Beaker has a great non-spill, leak and shake proof valve and holds more liquid than the Cow Cup.

The Cow Beaker is perfect for children aged 12 months and upwards.

(It is recommended that you avoid giving your child cows milk until they are 14 months old.)

These groovy cups are all BPA free

  • Press on lid
  • Capacity: 350 ml 
  • Made in Europe
  • Dishwasher wash ONLY DO NOT HAND WASH

New and improved with built in leak, spill and shake proof valve! This is the anyway up cup in a cow print.

I have always loved this award-winning, state-of-the-art Anywayup Cup which comes in three models. They all have the unique, Anywayup patented valve, invented by Mandy Haberman, moulded into the mouthpiece to ensure that the spout seals between sips, so absolutely no spills. Because drink only flows when your child drinks, the risk of tooth decay from comfort sucking is avoided.

Why is the Anywayup cup the best no-spills cup in the world? Unlike other cups, the Anywayup Cup has no gap above the valve in which drips can lurk.

Thrown from a high chair. Dropped in the bath or abandoned under a car seat it still wont leak. When parents across the land cried out for a cup that was truly leak-proof yet easy to drink from, Mandy Haberman came to the rescue.

Mandy Haberman's patented valve, which has sold 25 million worldwide, seals between sips, so no spills. Try it for yourself; shake it, throw it, sit on it, dunk it then drink it. To read more please click here

Drinks may be warmed slightly with the lid off in the microwave.


Tizzie - Vic
I wanted to let you know why we advise you only wash these cups in the dishwasher. In the past we have had only positive feedback about these cups and this is over the 23 years Tizzie has used and endorsed them. However recently we have had some of feedback on them going mouldy. When we have looked into this the common factor in all these cases is the fact they were hand washed so now we only suggest washing them in the dishwasher.

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