Wishbone 2-in-1 Balance Bike

Wishbone 2-in-1 Balance Bike
Price: AUD $238.99

The Wishbone bike now comes as a 2-in-1 version. Riders can commence using as a balance bike from 18months when ready the 'wishbone' frame is flipped, converting the Wishbone Bike to a very large running bike which is always ready for action up to age of 5 years old. With its environmentally sustainable design, and innovative 2-bikes-in-1 feature, the Wishbone bike designed in New Zealand really is the ultimate pre-bike.

Recommended age range - 18 months to 5 years. (Any Wishbone Bike rider must be capable of walking. Even if the rider is older than 1 year of age, if the rider cannot walk then he or she should not use this product.) 
Adjustable seat height - 28 to 46 cm/11 to 18 inches
Bike weight - 3.8 kg/8lb4oz
Tyres - 12 inch pneumatic tyres
Warranty - 1 year
Safety - Meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards

Every Wishbone Bike has 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels, is made from sustainably managed woods and is bonded and finished with eco-friendly products.  The Bike box and all printed material inside is recycled and printed with non-toxic inks.


*no returns accepted on any wishbone products.


Brand: Wishbone

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