Fridge-to-Go Medium Lunch bag cooler

Fridge-to-Go Medium Lunch bag cooler
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The multi-award winning Fridge-To-Go a revolutionary product which acts as an extension of the home fridge. So much more than just a cooler bag, Fridge-To-Go's high performing patented chilling technology keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours.

The medium lunch bag is a great cooler lunch box. Your food stays so cold it is amazing, great for yoghurt, fruit, cheese or anything. A perfect lunch bag for when you are out for the day, or simply going to the park and great as a kids lunch box for school where fridges are not available.

• New slimline lunch design  
• Ideal for everyday use
• Great for your complete lunch
• Keeps contents cold for 8 hours
• Fully collapsible to flat
• Easy-tote handle
• Velcro sealed storage pocket
• PBA-free, PVC safe and lead-free
• Wipe clean with soap & water
• 21cm w x 23cm l x 9cm d
• It requires no ice, batteries or external power source
• It's durable, collapsible and 100% environmentally friendly 

Items marked with a star (*) have side mesh pocket and shoulder strap.

The secret of Fridge-To-Go® is simple which is why it's so easy to use. Each of the bags comes with built-in cooling panels covered with a Tempguard outer layer. The panels are much slimmer than your standard ice brick so take up very little space in the freezer. The bag can be folded and put in the freezer with the panels inside or, as most of the bags have zip-out pockets, the cooling panels can simply be removed, frozen and replaced when required.

Tizzie’s Tip: Get a spare freezer panel, I have so many times forgotten to unpack the freezer panel at night so it isn’t frozen in the morning on our way out.





Jenny - Geelong
These lunch bags are every bit as good as the claims. Comfortably fits standard lunch and snack and totally keeps the food cold for 8 hours, and I love that the ice pack is slimline. Am now Hoping they also do a large size bag too.
Danielle - New Zealand
This has got to be the most amazing product ever. Was a life-saver when I had worked in places that didn't have a fridge on site and when I was a student. It meant I could keep delicate foods safe without worrying about food poisoning.

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