Wishbone 3-in-1 Balance Bike RE2 - Black

Price: AUD $298.99



The latest addition to the Wishbone family is a unique learn-to-ride concept for children aged 12 months to 6 years.  Converting from trike to balance bike, it helps children learn to walk, ride and balance. It's frame is made from post-consumer recycled carpet and incorporates Wishbone's patented RotafixTM system (we'll come back to that shortly) for easy adjustability of the seat all the way from 25cm to 50cm high!  Great for children with co-ordination challenges too.

More about RotafixTM...
RotafixTM is an integrated system for easy, customised seat & frame adjustability.
Developed by Wishbone for Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition, RotafixTM combines three-way seat & frame adjustability with a single fixing to precision fit wishbone bike to your child.
Quick & easy, RotafixTM lets you re-size your bike in seconds.



*no returns excepted on any wishbone products.


Brand: Wishbone

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