Helping a Friend Shop! Thank you Voucher!

Helping a Friend Shop! Thank you Voucher!

I would like to thank my clients' readers and friends who help their friends and family shop.

Time and time again parents came into my destination store  and the HUB to help a friend set up their nursery with Save Our Sleep safe sleep products. As much as I love this, I also feel bad that they are endorsing Save Our Sleep similar to a REP, but get nothing in return.

So I had an idea, how about this...

If you introduce and help a friend shop and your friend has never bought from Save Our Sleep before and you assist them to purchase my products, please let myself or my team ( know ahead or on the day of purchase. As a thank you I will give you a gift voucher to the value of 10% of your friend's 1st purchase.

For example if they purchase a mattress worth $360 you get a $36 dollar voucher. If they purchase a bedding pack for $500 you get a $50 voucher. There will be a cap of $50 per voucher, for example if your friend's first purchase is $500 or $800 I will still give you a $50 gift voucher.

To help you help your friend here are some useful links to the bedding guide and a guide to what every new parent needs.

We hope you continue to enjoy sharing what you love about Save Our Sleep.

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

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