Full Range of 2-8mth Save Our Sleep Safe Sleep Bags

Full Range of 2-8mth Save Our Sleep Safe Sleep Bags
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We know it can be confusing trying to work out what is in stock so we have listed all of the sleep bags here.

The best way to find out about each design is to look at the individual listed sleep bag. However I will give you a little guide here of the differences.

The sleeps bags which do not say Luxury or Platinum are the original sleep bags, they have white insides and are on average 3cm’s shorter than the ones that do say Luxury or Platinum. 

Please select the size and TOG required. 

PLEASE note the lining of this sleep bag is the same colour as the outer
NEW to this platinum safe sleep bag.
        Softer brushed cotton outer and inner fabric in matching colour, press studs on harness flap and longer sizing.

This Save Our Sleep safe baby sleep bag will surround your baby in luxurious high quality brushed cotton helping to keep your baby safe and warm in bed. The highly tested and researched design and construction of the Save Our Sleep range makes it one of the safest sleeping bags for your precious child on the market.

The complete range of Save Our Sleep Baby Sleep Bags include a revolutionary travel system to accommodate a five point harness as standard across the range. This brand new travel slot design decreases the chance of your child getting his/her leg stuck out of the slot during sleep without the need for scratchy, uncomfortable and unsafe velcro.

Available in 3 Sizes                                                                                                           Length, (shoulder to base of sleep bag)

2-8mths (Average age of use 2 to 10mths)                                                                         87cm

8-24mths (Average age of use 10 to 30mths)                                                               107 cm

2-3 1/2 years (Average age of use 2.5 to 5 years)                                                       123 cm


The Save Our Sleep Safe Baby Sleep Bags are available in 3 different TOG's which is a standard European warmth rating. The higher the TOG, the warmer the product.

2.5 TOG – Versatile – can be used all year round and is recommended by Tizzie for use with unswaddled babies. Made from 100% high quality brushed cotton outer, high quality 100% Polyester fill that Tizzie has tested and found does not cause babies to sweat and lined with 100% matching grey brushed cotton lining. High Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249)

1.0 TOG – The most versatile bag in the range and can be used all year round and when you are swaddling your baby. Tizzie recommends swaddling overtop of a 1.0 tog sleeping bag until your baby can roll while swaddled. Made from 100% high quality brushed cotton outer, 100% cotton towelling fill and 100% matching grey brushed cotton lining. Low Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249)

.5 TOG  Recommended only for very hot and humid climates where cooling is not available. Made from 100% high quality brushed cotton outer and matching grey lining. High Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249) 


  • No jersey or other stretch fabrics used which, in time can stretch and change the shape of the sleep bag making it unsafe or causing children to get tangled
  • Longer, bottom opening zips across the range to make nappy changes easier and make it easier to get your toddlers legs inside the sleep bag
  • Fitted neck means your baby or toddler can not slip down into the safe sleep bag.
  • Zip cover with press stud closer at the base on the two larger sizes to help discourage adventurous toddlers from taking off their sleep bag.
  • Front, bottom closing zipper across the range to encourage back sleeping which can be used with additional cotton or bamboo bedding as discussed to be a safe option at the 9th SIDS international conference.
  • 2-8 month safe sleep bag is shaped to encourage hip movement and in return helps babies avoid hip dysplaysia
  • 1.0 TOG bags are 100% brushed cotton and unlike most other brands on the market  the 1.0 TOG bag is filled with a high quality 100% cotton terry towelling and then lined with a matching brushed cotton lining to help prevent your baby getting tangled in the bag.
  • All 3 TOGS are lined with the same brushed cotton lining so your baby is not as aware when you change TOG as the inner layer against your baby's body feels exactly the same.
  • Complete range takes you through to when an average toddler comes out of a Sleep Bag eliminating the need to purchase a fourth size.
  • Entire range has a uniquely designed travel slot with press studs to accommodate a five point harness and prevent babies getting their leg out of the slot without the use of Velcro. 
  • Example bedding guide on the back of packaging for your convenience
  • The full range meets all relevant Australian safety standards and is manufactured to the highest quality using the best cotton fabrics available.
  • Superior breathability
  • The high quality brushed cotton used on the inner and outer of all sleep bags gives a luxurious and cosy feel and is perfect on your precious ones delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. 

Bedding Guide - We recommend that you use 100% cotton or bamboo bedding over the top of your baby's safe sleeping bag. We recommend that you purchase a copy of Tizzie’s 'Safe Bedding Guide' to establish the correct amount of bedding to use for your baby in your particular climate and for the temperature in your baby's nursery - Save Our Sleep® Safe Bedding Guide A sample bedding guide is provided on the back of the packaging of all Save Our Sleep Safe Baby Sleep Bags to give you an example of the bedding that Tizzie recommends. For a specific guide for you area please purchase the full bedding guide.

**Please Note: The quilted look is only the 2.5 tog bag when ironed.


Samantha - QLD
Beautiful quality! I have a range of high end brand sleep bags and can confidently say these SOS ones are the best (I’ve packed the others away). I love that they are all cotton; have very sturdy zips and the length to them is great! My son has had a great sleep in this bag along with the SOS blankets. Wish I had purchased these from the start as they would have fitted him from 1 month easily instead of purchasing multiple sizes in other brands as he grew (some only lasted 2 weeks).
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you for your kind review :)

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