TEATS ONLY Mimijumi Baby Bottle - TEATS ONLY

TEATS ONLY Mimijumi Baby Bottle - TEATS ONLY
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In 2008 two Doctors pulled together a team of Midwives, Lactation Experts, Mother’s and Industrial Designers with the dream of creating the perfect baby bottle. What they created was a revolution.

Key Features

  • Designed to replicate a mother’€™s breast in look, feel and function
  • Seamless transition from breast to bottle, and the perfect complement to breastfeeding
  • Special skin-coloured and textured nipple, down to the tiny pore holes
  • Baby must latch and create suction so bub does not get lazy and continues to breastfeed
  • Exclusively European made – Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Austria
  • Totally Toxin Free: BPA Free, EA Free and Latex Free
  • Non-skid base for easy refills
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Travel cap for spill-free travels
  • Bottles come in two sizes, 240ml (Very Hungry) and 120 ml (Not So Hungry).  Both come with a Slow Flow Rate 1 teat.
    2 Flow rates; Fast Flow Rate 1 (0-12 months), and Flow Rate 2 (6-18 months).
Finally a bottle that truly mimics the breast.
With natural colours, textures and forms, Mimijumi nipples replicate the breastfeeding experience like no other bottle.  The patented nipple design is as soft as skin and textured like skin all the way down to the tiny pore holes. Just as important as the look and feel is the breast-flow function which encourages the baby to establish a secure latch and then suckle in order to produce the milk. These combined elements assist with a seamless exchange between breast and bottle, and are why Mimijumi bottles are proven to be the ideal transitional device for fussy babies.
Naturally perfect in every way.
Made with 100% medical grade silicone from Germany, Mimijumi nipples feature our exclusive one-piece anti-colic and anti-gas integrated venting system for optimum baby comfort and minimal fuss for mums and dads. Every part on a Mimijumi bottle is made exclusively in Europe and is completely BPA, EA, Latex and otherwise toxin free. Available in 2 flow rates, our nipples are simple but extraordinary.
We’ve done the research, it’s clear.
Made from a patented Grilamid® Nylon from Switzerland, our bottles are as clear and as tough as glass but have the benefit of being lightweight and shatter-proof. The bottle takes the shape of our unique ergonomic design that gradually curves towards the top, making bottle feeding an even more enjoyable experience.  
The little things that count.  
Coming standard with all Mimijumi bottles is the non-skid base and wide mouth for easy one-handed refills. We couldn’t forget the travel cap to prevent those annoying spills while on the run, either.  Then there’s the beautifully clear measuring units in both mls and oz featured in the trademark Mimijumi red. Every part on a Mimijumi bottle is crafted with optimum precision and comes with a 12 Month Warranty.
Latch on and join us on this remarkable journey.


sarah - VIC
We used this bottle with our 3rd child after having no success using various brands on the market. i kept saying to friends 'i just need a bottle that looks and feels like a boob" and here it is! My babies are breastfed and had never taken to traditional bottles but this bottle was the change we needed! highly recommended it for anyone deciding to introduce a bottle at a later stage as we were. Its tough! hang in there! get this bottle!

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