Bubbaroo™ Joey Sleeping Bag 'Delicate Pink' Travel 1 TOG 18-36 months (1)

Bubbaroo™ Joey Sleeping Bag 'Delicate Pink' Travel 1 TOG 18-36 months (1)
Price: AUD $30.00
RRP: AUD $84.95

Not only safe and functional but incredibly stylish! The Joey Swags are made from the highest quality fabrics and are like luxurious bedding.   

The Range of Joey Swags include a travel system to accommodate a 5-point harness as standard across the range and the 0-6month Joey Swag has press studs on the arm holes so they can also be used for babies weighing from 3.2kgs (7LBS).

 Joey Swags by Bubbaroo are Machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.



Little Baby Joey
Up to 6 months*
min. weight: 3.2kg (7LBS)
max. length: 70 cm (27.5") 

Bag Length (shoulder to base of sleepbag): 78cm

Older Baby Joey
6 - 18 months
min. weight: 8.1 kg (18 LBS)
max. length: 88 cm (34.5") 

Bag Length (shoulder to base of sleepbag): 95cm

Toddler Joey
18 - 36 months
min. weight: 11.4 kg (25 LBS)
max. length: 100 cm (39.5") 

Bag Length (shoulder to base of sleepbag): 110cm

Older Toddler Joey 3-6 Years 

Chest: 58-64cm(23-25.4") 

Max length: 120cm(47.6") 

Bag Length (shoulder to base of sleepbag): 125cm


The Joey SwagTM is available in 3 different TOG's. A TOG measurement is a European warmth rating. The higher the TOG, the warmer the product. 

2.5 TOG – Versatile – can be used all year round with unswaddled babies 

100% cotton outer & lining. Padded with high quality 100% Polyester High Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249) 

1.0 TOG - Versatile - can be used all year round
100% cotton outer & 95% cotton/5% polyester towelling lining (only 100% cotton pile of towelling lining comes into contact with baby's skin)
Low Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249) 

0.5 TOG - for very hot climates in summer.

100% cotton outer and lining

High Fire Danger Rating (AS/NZ 1249) 

Bedding Guide - We recommend that you use 100% cotton or bamboo bedding overtop of your baby's safe sleeping bag. We recommend that you purchase a copy of Tizzie’s 'Safe Bedding Guide' to establish the correct amount of bedding to use for your baby in your particular climate and for the temperature in your baby's nursery - Save Our Sleep® Safe Bedding Guide

  • Baby can't slip down inside
  • Keeps baby at just the right temperature
  • Prevents baby becoming caught in the cot bars
  • Colour Range Joey Swags have YKK brand 2-way zippers
  • Designed to fit baby as they grow
  • Sufficient room so baby can freely move without becoming uncovered
  • Varying weights keep baby at just the right temperature
  • Maximum use of natural cotton fabrics for breathability and easy care
  • · Bottom opening zip for easy and convenient nappy changes
  • · All Colour Range Joey Swags include a travel system to accommodate a 5 point harness of a car seat or pram 

Bubbaroo™ Joey Sleeping Bag White with Stone Binding



The Bubbaroo Story By Nicole!

My life changed forever with the birth of my son Jacob, as I'm sure it has for many parents before me. Jacob was very unsettled and had an acute "startle" reflex. I soon learnt that these were just 2 of many symptoms of reflux babies. After 3 hospital stays and numerous lactation consultant visits, Jacob was diagnosed with severe Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease which resulted in Jacob failing to thrive.

We swaddled Jacob to calm him and prevent the "startle" reflex however, Jacob should have been named Houdini because he learnt very quickly that he could kick off the swaddling blanket. Although he was a small baby and was failing to thrive he was and still is incredibly strong and would kick off his covers minutes after we'd painstakingly tried to swaddle him. Sleep deprived and desperate, I tried to find a garment to prevent Jacob kicking off his swaddling blanket but still allow him to move however, there were no such items on the market. The only garments available were either unsuitable or I didn't consider safe. The lack of suitable and safe garments led to the creation of the Joey PouchTM Swaddling Bag.

After I stopped swaddling Jacob when he could roll over, at around 4 months of age, I found that baby sleeping bags were essential as now he was rolling and moving about the cot and trying to keep him covered was again very difficult. The Joey SwagTM Baby Sleeping Bag complements the Joey PouchTM and can be used once baby is able to roll. If baby didn't require swaddling - lucky you - the Joey SwagTM Sleeping Bag can be used for babies weighing over 4.5kg (10LBS).

I used the Joey PouchTM Swaddling Bag on my second child - Emily Grace. Emily was born on 11 January 2007. She loved the Joey PouchTM and wore it for all sleeps, in the car seat and pram as well! Emily is now in the size 6-18 month Joey Swag and she loves it - she stays covered all night long.

Bubbaroo Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. All products have been designed by me with a particular emphasis on safety and functionality. Over a year of initial market research has been conducted to ensure that the design, fabrics, zips and other materials are perfect! In addition, all products have been designed to comply with all relevant safety standards. We have also subjected our products to further tests not required by the standards. All products are made with the highest quality 100% cotton outer, with the Light-weight and Heavy-weight Joey SwagTM Baby Sleeping Bags being lined with 100% cotton and the Medium-weight Joey SwagTM lined with 95% cotton towelling. Cotton is a natural fibre, is breathable and soft on baby's sensitive skin. 

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