Tizzie's Articles

In this section you will find baby articles that cover a number of different problems such as such As Colic, Reflux, Night Waking & Catnapping and more.

Most of the information in my articles is in the current book however if you are looking for further reading please visit this area of the website

Boundaries around the Pool
In the article Tizzie talks about the importance of teaching your child the word 'safe' and how to introduce this and use this word when establishing boundaries around the pool.
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Teething in babies is explained in this article about Teething. Whether teething is the cause of sudden onset of night waking and how night-time sleep cycles play a part in night waking. Save Our Sleep Victoria.
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Is your baby sleeping with you?
Sleeping with your baby is a weighty decision that deserves a full consideration of whether you should have your baby sleeping with you.
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Breast Feeding
This breast feeding article covers what you will need to breast feed, what benefits your baby and you will get from breast feeding, why and how to express breast milk, and more.
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Water Intoxication
Water intoxication, as researched by Dr James Keating MD, gives water intoxication paediatrican advice to help keep children safe.
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Crying Baby
A crying baby can be difficult to understand. This article on crying babies helps parents to understand and manage their baby's crying. (Advice for babies less than 6 months)
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Are some babies being misdiagnosed with baby reflux?
Baby Reflux Article - Is Your Baby Misdiagnosed With Reflux? Find out from Baby Sleep Expert Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep
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