Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I get help beyond the books?  

If you feel like you are needing more support while following Save Our Sleep, we have a few options for you. The first and most effective is to be following the Safe Bedding Guide and a close second is the Facebook Support group. This group is FREE, staffed by Tizzie and the Save Our Sleep team and has grown to be a very supportive and safe space for Save Our Sleep parents to share their journey and troubleshoot. If you don't have Facebook it is worth signing up for this group alone.

Facebook Support

The Save Our Sleep Support Group is a friendly, supportive online community where Save Our Sleep fans, readers, friends and the team help you establish and follow Tizzie’s routines. This is also an area you may ask questions that come up along the way. In the group you may also chat and share the day to day joys, achievements and challenges of parenting. 

If you are after further reading we have opened up our closed forum archives so you can search and read all the topics discussed and solved in detail with Tizzie and the Save Our Sleep team.

Read Only Online Advice Archive - $20 for a one month read only subscription. 

When you have explored the above options thoroughly Tizzie does offer a One on One consultation service. This involves 30 days of 'One-On-One with Tizzie' and Tizzie will give you baby advice and help you establish a routine where your child sleeps all night every night, and eats well during the day.

Tizzie’s one-on-one consultations

Tizzie’s one-on-one consultations are performed via email.  You will be able to directly ask  Tizzie questions and receive answers within a few hours during business days.  If you have an urgent problem it can be answered within a few minutes by Tizzie or one of her team. For problems arising outside office hours, Tizzie will arrange a suitable consultation time.

One-On-One clients may email Tizzie with their baby sleep problems and other parenting issues as often as needed. 

There may also be some other costs involved such as purchasing the correct bedding that Tizzie recommends for babies to settle and sleep well. If your current bedding is not adequate or does not meet Tizzie's guidelines we will need you to purchase the bedding Tizzie recommends. 

As a last resort Tizzie does run a sleep clinic in her home. This is only available after all avenues have been explored and your need has been established via email.

Tizzie Hall Sleep Clinic 

This is located at her home in Ocean Grove, Victoria for a period of time (length of stay will vary depending on needs) to work through the issues you are having in person and have her there to support you as you make the changes. The price of this option does vary based on the length of your stay. To give you a guide to consider, the Sleep Clinic stay pricing begins from $1,600.00 for the 1st 48 hours and then it is $400 for each 24 hours after that. People do not normally need to stay more than 2 or 3 days. Before coming to the clinic we ask you to have your baby established on the routines and using the correct bedding. Please note these prices take into account Tizzie will still be doing some of her own work and tending a little to her own children. How it works is you come and stay with her and her family and she helps you with your baby as part of her family. Tizzie’s husband will cook all the meals and I can assure you he is a good cook you would be looked after.

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