Choosing the right highchair

•   You’ll need a highchair that is easy to clean. A baby will vomit at least once or twice in her highchair and you want to be able to clean up and not have to worry about vomit getting in cracks or onto material. Plastic highchairs with a seat insert (sometimes cushioned) that pulls out to easily be cleaned are ideal.

•   When looking at highchairs also look at the size of the tray. When you first start feeding your baby all you have to put on the tray is a bowl. But it’s amazing how many highchairs on the market, including expensive ones, have tiny trays. As soon as you put a bowl, plate, spoon, knife and a fork there is no room for a cup. Make sure the tray is big enough to hold a cup, bowl, plate and a fork and spoon.

•   Check the restraints won’t catch your baby’s skin. In warmer weather you might put your baby in the highchair dressed in just a nappy so you don’t want the clip catching on her tummy when you are fastening it.

•   Some highchairs that fold flat can be very dangerous. With these chairs it is very easy to put your baby into the chair without realising the chair is not properly extended and it collapses with baby in it.

•   The highchair should have a high back that supports your baby’s head and neck. Some parents buy a compact chair, which is basically like a swing seat with no back support. These are not suitable for babies and toddlers younger than one year who don’t have the strength to sit upright without support.

I have looked at hundreds of high chairs on the market and these ones listed below I believe to be the best.