Quut (pronounced “cute” in English) was born end of 2012, in the kitchen of PARS PRO TOTO, a well-regarded Belgian design agency with more than 25 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative products and attractive brands.

With over 20 children between them, they had gone through their fair share of beach toys over the years. Tired of the many poor quality beach toys that were on the market, offering no emotional connection, they decided to make their own brand. Their goal was to create toys that would last as long our memories spent at the beach, toys with a real, durable and clever design that would offer fun and beauty for children and parents. 

How did they become part of my endorsed range? I Googled "the best beach toys in the world", when I was looking for beach toys for sand play at 13th Beach Nippers that my husband Nathan runs. 

All products are BPA, Phthalates, latex free and are of course recyclable. They’ve made sure to use mono materials and avoid glue to make recycling as pure and as easy as possible.