Tizzie Hall Comforter - Mixed Packs from $59.99

Tizzie Hall Comforter - Mixed Packs from $59.99
Price: AUD $59.99
Tizzie Hall Comforter - Mixed Packs from $59.99

Pack of mixed Lovies!

Please reply to your order conformation email to inform my team which lovie designs you would like in your mixed pack. Please note we ahve no Bizzie Bunny Pink or Dizzie Dog Blue for these packs. 

This silky, soft, Tizzie Hall designed lovie has satin ears and trims on it's feet. Made of solid plush on one side and softer silkier plush on the other, each lovie has a character head in the centre. Lovable and cuddly, the Save Our Sleep ® Comforter will keep your baby company while he in falling asleep or resettling. This lovie will provide security and is sure to be a cherished sleep time friend.

  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry low
  • 30 cms X 30 cms
  • 'Found label' so they can find their way home

Tizzie spends a lot of time advising against sleeping aids, and recommending sleep comforters instead, so people often ask about the difference between "comforters" and "aids." Read more about lovies vs aids 


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