Catnapping package (8 to 16 weeks)

Price: AUD $36.00

The Catnapping package includes:

  • 8-10 weeks (Routine)
  • 10 weeks to starting solids (Routine)
  • Catnapping age 8 to 16 weeks (Article)
  • The Early Riser (Article)
  • To dummy or not to dummy (Article)
  • Teach a 2 to 16 week old baby to self settle (Article)
  • Bedtime rituals (Article)
  • Teething (Article)
  • The Nursery (Article)
  • Case study taking dummy away from a three month old (Article)
  • How to make colic disappear (Article)
  • Dreamfeed ( Complimentary Article)
  • Cold at night (Article)
  • Settling new baby (Article)
  • Swaddling (Complimentary Article)
  • Safe Bedding Guide (Article)

Most of the information in my articles is in the current book however if you are looking for further reading please visit this area of the website

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