Breast-feeding package (aged 4 to 10 weeks)

Price: AUD $30.00
The 4 to 10 week breast-feeding package includes:
  • Breast-feeding 4-6 weeks (Routine)
  • Breast-feeding 6-8 weeks (Routine)
  • Breast-feeding 8-10 weeks (Routine)
  • How and why to give your baby a dreamfeed (Article)  
  • Catnapping in babies aged 8-16 weeks (Article)
  • To dummy or not to dummy (Article)
  • How to make colic dissapear (Article)
  • Babies (Article)
  • Importance of a routine (Article)
  • Triggers for sleep problems (Article)
  • Comfort (for baby) and joy (parents) (Article)
  • Cold at night (Article)
  • Settling a new baby (Article)
  • Teach a  2 - 16 week old baby to self settle (Article)
  • Hiccups and possetting (little vomits) (Article)
  • Swaddling (Article)
  • Safe Bedding Guide (Article)
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