Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep ® - Toddler - Sleep and Behaviour - The International Baby Whisperer Book

Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep ® - Toddler - Sleep and Behaviour - The International Baby Whisperer Book
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A new Toddler-centric edition of the bestselling sleep series

In 16 years of operation, Tizzie Hall's Save Our Sleep organisation has assisted thousands of children of all ages to learn how to sleep through the night, every night. By sharing an insight into baby and toddler sleep patterns, Tizzie has developed a method of putting parents at ease about their child's behaviour and learn how to effectively combat childhood sleep and behavioural problems.

Save Our Sleep: Toddler focuses on the wealth of new information specific to sleep and behaviour in toddlerhood. The detailed advice in this book will help you learn how to deal with the tests that inevitably accompany toddlerhood and continue to enjoy a good night's sleep. It provides specific routines for sleeping and feeding for toddlers between one and three years, as well as addressing common toddler issues such as potty training, tantrums, food and feeding, childcare, travelling, moving house, daylight savings and the transition from a cot to a bed.



          Author’s note                                     

  1      Getting started                                                              

  2      Food and feeding                                                        

  3      Things that affect sleep and settling                           

  4      Sleeping and settling                                                  

  5      Routines: One to three years                                   

  6      Solving sleep problems                                 

  7      Breaks to the routine                                   

  8      Special situations                                                  

  9      Common health concerns and safety issues          

10     Introducing boundaries                                          

11     A crash course in potty training                                 

12     Goodbye cot, hello bed                                                  


Author Information

Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep business in the United Kingdom in 1996. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 where she has continued the success of her infant sleep solution business. Tizzie lives in Ocean Grove with her husband Nathan and three boys Darragh, Cillian and Ciaran.

COMPLIMENTARY with every purchase of Tizzie's best selling baby book you will receive a copy of the 'Save Our Sleep Safe Bedding Guide' valued at $9.00. This will be emailed to you automatically on receipt of your payment which you can then download as a PDF document.


Anita - Australia, Vic
Loved it!! It work a treat for Both my kids! Took a few days but both startef sleeping and behavior got allot better and mum and dad finally got there sleep.

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