Tizzie Hall - eBook - Save Our Sleep® Toddler - The International Baby Whisperer

Tizzie Hall - eBook - Save Our Sleep® Toddler - The International Baby Whisperer

Tizzie's best selling book Save Our Sleep, Toddler as an eBook!

From Macmillan below, but also from Amazon, IBooks and most eBook sellers!


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The Save Our Sleep Toddler edition eBook can be purchased from the Macmillan website or from Amazon:

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  6. Once you have made your purchase please email a copy of receipt to customerservice@saveoursleep.com for your complimentary copy of Tizzie's Safe Bedding Guide. 
Please Note: This is an ebook version of the best selling paperback book. You are NOT able to print this book. It is NOT the same as the PDF documents which are also available on the website of the individual articles. It is only available to read digitally on your computer, iPad or e-reader. To read this ebook on your Kindle, please purchase it directly from Amazon.

Save Our Sleep™

A new Toddler-centric edition of the bestselling sleep series

Product Description

Tizzie Hall is an international bestselling childcare author who has been working with babies and parents for over 18 years. The tried and tested information in this book will help you to deal with the inevitable challenges that come as your baby becomes a toddler. This easy-to-use guide includes:

  • Sleep and feeding routines for children between one and three years
  • Solutions to common sleep problems and advice on the transition from cot to bed
  • Dealing with tantrums and introducing boundaries
  • Advice on potty training for boys and girls
  • Answers to common health concerns and safety issues

With real-life case studies, answers to common questions and brilliant tips, How to Raise a Happy Toddler will help you to have a happy, rested and well-adjusted toddler and allow you to enjoy this wonderful and exciting period of their lives.

Author Information

Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep business in the United Kingdom in 1996. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 where she has continued the success of her infant sleep solution business. Tizzie lives in Barwon Heads VIC Australia, with her husband Nathan, toddler Darragh, and new baby son Cillian.

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