Emily Dupuche - Foodbabieslove

Emily Dupuche - Foodbabieslove
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Food Babies Love - a recipe book for Baby and Toddler meals;

188 pages of receipes, tips and advice to help keep parents inspired to cook fresh and tasty meals for their babies, toddlers and young families

Get your baby started on their way to a lifetime of food enjoyment with this collection of simple recipes that look and taste delicious. A perfect gift for any new baby.

100% Australian made - written and shot in Melbourne and produced in Brisbane

Why does Tizzie love this book?

“Food Babies love By Emily Dupuche is a good common sense approach to weaning which I believe will make this stage of parenting even more exciting and enjoyable, when used as a recipe guide along side my new book (Save Our Sleep® Feeding A parents guide to healthy eating from nursing to family meals). Emily’s book compliments my feeding advice because of our similar approaches of teaching a baby to enjoy family means sooner rather than later. Emily has some great family favourite recipes adjusted for babies. Research shows the more tastes a baby has before their first birthday the larger variety of food this baby will go on to eat throughout their childhood right into adulthood and Emily’s book will definitely help you achieve this.

From the Author - Emily Dupuche

Ever wondered what to cook for dinner tonight? I do all the time, and spend hours nosing through recipe books as a result.

I hope that my book will help inspire you to prepare creative meals your baby will love.  It's not about nutritional guidelines and overwhelming dos and donts, but rather to encourage you to cook a variety of delicious meals which in itself, will take care of the nutritional stuff.  

I figure if we can help our kids to enjoy food for all its wonderful tastes and textures then they will develop a healthy attitude towards food. So, my book is not a bible, its a tool to inspire you.  I've included a chapter on getting started on the solids journey, and lots of tips and advice, but mainly its recipes my family (and lots of friends families) have loved.  So I hope you too can find one or many recipes that you love cooking, and your little one loves eating.


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