Baby U Contured Cushie Tushie

Baby U Contured Cushie Tushie
Price: AUD $16.99

The Cushie-Tushie contoured soft toilet seat not only makes sitting on the toilet more comfortable, but also nice and warm on a cool morning.

This comfortably padded soft toilet seat features a built-in deflector shield, sanitary lifting handle, as well as a bonus wall hook to store the seat when not in use.The Contoured Cushie Tushie soft toilet seat is fully wrapped for easy cleaning, and also features a deep seat ring that fits all toilets.

Why does Tizzie love this product?

  • Cushioned for comfort, no more pinched bottoms!
  • Contoured for safety
  • Deep rim for stability
  • Hygienic Lifting Handle
  • Fits all toilet seats
  • Contoured seat with built-in deflector shield
  • Includes Storage Hook to hang seat when not in use


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