Pre-order Late Oct - Save Our Sleep Cot Cellular Blanket (50% Organic*)- White

Pre-order Late Oct - Save Our Sleep Cot Cellular Blanket (50% Organic*)- White
Price: AUD $55.99
Pre-order Late Oct - Save Our Sleep Cot Cellular Blanket (50% Organic*)- White

Save Our Sleep Cellular Bassinet, Cot and big bed blanket. The blanket that grows with your baby.

Tizzie values the importance of keeping all babies warm enough in bed to promote restful, safe and sound sleep. This knowledge has initiated Tizzie to source the most luxurious and delicately soft natural bamboo and cotton to bring you a beautiful, safe and warm range of blankets for your precious baby.

Surround your baby with luxurious comfort. This amazingly soft and delicate blanket is perfect against baby's skin. Fabulously serviceable, the beautiful silky feel continues with machine washing and drying. Cellular blankets are synonymous with airflow and being breathable. This bamboo blend makes it even more breathable and warmer or cooler when needed. 


How many layers can I get from one cot blanket?

The blanket can be folded twice to create 4 layers, this will be suitable for newborn to approx 4 months of age. Beyond 4 months the blanket can be folded once for 2 layers or also used unfolded as 1 layer.

What is the difference between the Heirloom and the Cellular blankets? 

Both blankets give the same warmth they are both TOG rated at 0.6. TOG is the thermal warmth of bedding. The heirloom is 95% bamboo with a 5% cotton trim. The cellular is 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. The soft bamboo fibres have been carefully selected for delicate sensitive baby skin and with the added bonus of being more water absorbent and breathable than regular cotton. It’s worth noting that the heirloom is heavier in weight so it gives the baby a more secure feel during their sleep. 
The heirloom further boasts superior temperature control capabilities, meaning it will provide the warmth in winter as well as the coolness in summer which makes this an excellent choice for those who live in warmer climates or particularly coming into warmer weather where you would like to add the weight without the warmth. The heirloom is slightly softer and prettier so people purchasing a present for a new baby often prefer it.

How big are the cot blankets?

The Cot blankets are a generous size of 150cm x 120cm




Rachael - sA
Great wuality breathable yet warm. Soft material, washes really well even after 3 children. On to the 4th child and they still look and feel like new!
Angela - New South Wales
Beautiful quality and reasonably priced. I found thelsewhere blankets to be better quality than what's available in the shops for the same price. They are nice and big and can be folded in 4 to allow you to layer blankets without costing you a fortune. Well worth the investment

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