Save Our Sleep, 100% Cotton Mattress Protector

Save Our Sleep,  100% Cotton Mattress Protector
Price: AUD $54.99
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Tizzie loves these 100% cotton mattress protectors because they are made of the finest pure cotton using the most advanced manufacturing technology. This mattress protector does not cause babies to sweat, keeping your baby comfortable, cosy and safe every sleep. 

100% cotton mattress protector that's machine wash / tumble dry.

FILL 100% high quality cotton

COVER 100% high quality cotton


CARE Fully machine washable / tumble dry


Save Our Sleep Mini Crib/Large Cradle 100 x 50 x 12.5 cm

Save Our Sleep to fit Travel Cot 105 x 60 x 13 cm

Save Our Sleep Cot (std & Boori) 135 x 75 x 19 - 26 cm, suitable for Standard, most Boori, Stokke, Leander, larger size and round cots. The skirt is big so it can stretch around bigger mattresses as well.

Bambi Single 188 x 92 cm

Bambi Long Single 203 x 92 cm

Bambi King Single 203 x 107 cm

Bambi Double 188 x 137 cm

Bambi Queen 203 x 153 cm

Bambi King 203 x 183 cm

Bambi Super King 240 x 270 cm


Choose size in drop down box. All 100% cotton and same make as the Cot mattress protector just for bigger beds!


Why do you not sell waterproof mattress protectors? 

Tizzie's recommendation: It is not safe to use a waterproof mattress protector because if your baby rolls over to his or her tummy and sleeps face down he or she might suffer a re-breathing accident called SUDI where he breaths in and out the same air until there is no oxygen left in it.

Just wondering if you sell any single bed waterproof mattress protectors, I couldn't see any on your web site?

Tizzie's recommendation: "No I don’t sell them they make kids sweat and aggravate eczema, what I do is use the Bambi mattress protector for a single bed and put the Bambi Potty training sheet under your child's bottom (or head if they have a vomiting bug).

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