Doublewrap Wrap in a Wrap The Best Baby Swaddle

Doublewrap Wrap in a Wrap The Best Baby Swaddle
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Tizzie's uniquely designed 100% cotton Wrap in a Wrap.

Would you like to see how well my wee boy slept in my Wrap in a Wrap click here.  

Newborn to eight weeks use the wrap in a wrap alone,  from 8 weeks use it over a safe sleep bag but with both ages follow the bedding guide to use the appropriate sheet and blankets.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small (0-3mths) L 78cm X W 132cm
  • Large(2mths plus) L 100cm X W 170cm
  • Available in Grey or White 

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Please note: If you are buying this wrap for a newborn Tizzie suggests you get the Small size however if you are buying it for a baby over 8 weeks or a very big baby we suggest you get the Large to save you purchasing two sizes.


Please note the products in this video have improved since the clip was made so you will not find the exact products on my website now.

Why the Wrap in a Wrap designed by Tizzie Hall is recommended for swaddling your baby? 

I recommend swaddling your baby in my specially designed Wrap in a Wrap. I have designed this wrap with both baby and parents in mind. Swaddling a baby can be daunting for a new parent to have to learn. With my Wrap in a Wrap and simple ‘no fuss’ swaddling instructions everyone putting your baby to bed will swaddle your baby the same way making him feel safe and secure.

The Wrap in a Wrap has been specially designed for use alone or over my range of safe sleep bags as I recommend doing from the age of eight weeks until as late as ten to twelve months.

I have always found that babies settle faster and sleep more soundly if swaddled. I believe this is for a few reasons.

  • When babies are born they have come from an environment (the womb) in which they are confined to a small space, with little room for movement which would have felt as though they were being held very tightly.
  • Swaddling helps your baby to settle as often when your baby’s arm moves, they jerk in a way that it wakes or frightens them. This is commonly known as the startle reflex and is normally present for 3-4 months.
  • Swaddling is in an important tool in keeping your baby in the safe back sleeping position as recommended by SIDS researchers for as long as possible. I feel swaddling delays your baby from rolling at sleep time.

To read what clients, readers and friends think click here.

Tizzies’ Wrap in a Wrap Swaddling Method

Step 1: Place baby along the reinforced centre line with the top edge of the wrap in a wrap level with the bottom of your baby’s earlobe.  Ensure the head is always free from fabric.

Step 2: Place one of your baby’s arms across their chest and tummy.

Step 3: Take one side of the inner fabric from the side you have put the arm over the chest and stretch it across your baby’s body towards the opposite side. Pull the fabric firmly around and under your baby’s back and or bottom and pull firmly through the other side, stretching and smoothing the fabric as you go. Repeat on the other side starting with bringing the arm over the chest and tummy.

Step 4: Repeat steps 3 with the outside layer of the fabric. Leave all excess fabric free at your baby’s feet.






Please note the photo at the top of the page is not how we would sleep a baby. Sleeping two babies in one cot is not safe and soft toys in a cot is not safe. 


Grace - Harrington NSW Australia
Great product, cannot believe there are not more on the market! I like how it has a little bit of stretch to it, for nice and snug wrapping. The shape of the wrap also ensure it isn’t too tight on the hips. Be sure you buy at least 3, but I recommend 4.
Natalie - wollongong
Every new born needs this wrap it is amazing and makes life so much easier
Marine - Perth WA
Bought the double wrap after being recommended by a friend. My 6 weeks old was getting out of normal swaddling and waking himself up. As soon as I double wrapped him he did not move and slept 4-5h in a raw at 6-7 weeks. Perfect with the sleeping bag and blankets for him to stay warm and sleep longer. Life saver!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Marine, thank you for taking the time to pop this up to help other parents it means so much. Tizzie
Sarah - Dublin 15
Love the wrap in a wrap! Before I bought these my little girl was getting her hands out and waking herself! When she got a little more active I was able to wrap with her arms by her side! Beautiful quality, very easy to wash and quick to dry!
Pip - Geelong
Fantastic product. We swaddled our baby boy from day one but once he grew bigger and stronger, he kept getting his arms out and waking himself up. As soon as we started using this wrap in a wrap, problem solved. We now have one super content little sleeper who we have to wake from his sleeps... Will be recommending this product to friends and fam. Thank you Tizzie.
Caroline - Perth, Western Australia
My husband and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance noted within all your books and quality products. It wasn’t until our baby was 4.5 months when we turned to your Save our Sleep Book following numerous recommendations from family in Sydney and my local mothers groups. Our baby was cat napping (20 min at a time), I was demand feeding which was stressful for my baby and myself. As a first time mum I was scarred to leave the house because my baby would be screaming in the car and when are I ed at our destination, I never knew for sure if she was hungry or over tired, it was really stressful. I had not swaddled my baby before reading your book because she would always get her arm out of swaddles when she was a first born so I thought she didn’t like to be swaddled. Upon reading and implementing your routines our lives completely turned around, with 2-3 days of implementation our baby finally slept for 1-2 hours each nap. She is a lot more settled by knowing what comes next, she also subconsciously knows the times of her naps and her feeds which is truly remarkable. She is now warm and comfortable in bed by following the Safe Sleeping guide and she stayed swaddled and would instantly settle once swaddled. Now our baby is 14 months we haven’t been able to swaddle for some months now since she started rolling swaddles at 9-10 months but we truly recommend this double wrap. We followed your Save our Sleep - Feeding which was a life saver starting solids and I’m half way through your Save our Sleep - Toddler as we’re transitioning to toddlerhood. We can’t thank you enough.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Caroline, thank you for your lovely review and feedback, great to hear that you have had such success and now a well rested happy baby. Also great to hear your story of introducing a swaddle to a baby that had not been swaddle for a few months prior. Regards Andrea
Carissa - Caboolture, QLD, 4510
I highly recommend the wrap in a wrap. My 8 month has been in it since birth and loves feeling safe and secure. Thank you Tizzie for your amazing products
Susan - Flemington Vic
We are a huge fan of the double wraps. We used the wrap and Tizzies routine for my eldest boy and he was sleeping through the night by 3 months. For my youngest we have done the same and he started sleeping through by 4 months. A great investment for any parents. I can't remember exactly how to transition from the wrap and just have the sleeping bag and cannot locate the info in Tizzies book or sleeping guide. From memory you wrap your baby with one arm out for a few days and them both. Is that correct? Thanks heaps
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Susan Thank you for taking the time to review the Wrap in a Wrap Doublewrap. If your baby is on my routine you remove the wrap cold turkey we now wrap until a baby is much older for example 10 months and using the one arm out approach is not safe. Here is the info from my book on swaddling. SWADDLING YOUR BABY It is normal for babies to make jerky movements when they are tired and trying to fall asleep; this is caused by their startle reflex, which is present until they are three to four months old. This is why I always recommend swaddling a baby. I believe swaddled babies settle faster for two reasons. First, babies come from a very confined environment (the womb) with little room for movement and would have felt as though they were being held very tightly. Second, sometimes your baby’s jerky movements may wake or frighten them. I don’t believe babies realise at first that the hand that keeps appearing is theirs. The only babies I have come across that don’t like to be swaddled are overtired babies. I feel it is even more important to swaddle an overtired baby to encourage him to sleep better. The best manufactured baby wrap I have found on the market and recommend is the Doublewrap. I have found most babies cannot get out of this wrap. There are many ways to swaddle a baby, and it can be daunting for a new parent to have to learn how to swaddle their new baby. With a Doublewrap, swaddling is made very simple. Everyone putting your baby to bed will swaddle him the same way, making him feel very secure. The other great bonus in the Doublewrap is that you can use it over a safe sleep bag, as I recommend using from eight weeks until as late as ten months. You can use it in a car seat and your buggy or pram because the Doublewrap works well with a five-point harness (the straps that secure your baby into a car seat or buggy) which makes getting out and about on a routine even easier. I understand that babies are expensive and not everyone will be able to afford the luxury of a Doublewrap, so as an alternative I recommend swaddling your baby in a 120 cm cotton, bamboo or muslin square. There are many ways to swaddle a baby – here’s the one I use. Fold one corner down so it is partly in a triangle. Place the baby with his head outside the folded down edge and his feet pointing to the opposite corner (make sure his shoulders are below the folded edge). Put his right arm straight down by his side and bring the left corner of the triangle over the baby, tucking it firmly under his bottom. Put his left arm down by his side and bring the right corner of the triangle over the baby and tuck it under his bottom again. Swaddling a baby plays an important role in reducing the risk of SIDS because it helps to keep your baby in the safe back sleeping position. I recommend you swaddle your baby until he is at least six months or you notice he is attempting to roll swaddled. Some babies do not attempt to roll swaddled until as late as ten months. Your baby will roll outside bed a lot earlier than this, but you’ll only need to remove the swaddle when he shows signs of trying to roll in bed while swaddled. If you are following my routines your baby will feel safe and secure, so you should not have a problem removing the swaddle. I suggest as soon as you notice your baby is trying to roll swaddled you take the swaddle off him at the next morning sleep. If you follow my comforter advice later in this chapter, and have your baby in a Save Our Sleep recommended safe sleep bag, he should get through this transition without any fuss. However, if your baby is not in a good routine, I would recommend swaddling him until he is four months old, or when he starts to move more during his up time. This will need to be a slow transition. Because your baby will not feel as safe and secure as a baby in a routine, taking the swaddle away cold turkey could cause problems. If you are going to take the slow approach to weaning your baby off the swaddle, you need to do it well before there is a risk to your baby’s safety. If you wait until your baby is older than four months, he might become tangled in or covered by the swaddle. To begin with, you need to start putting your baby down unswaddled. You can wean him off the swaddle by taking one arm out of the swaddle for three nights, then the second arm out for three nights. Next, just put the swaddle around your baby’s waist for three nights and then take it away altogether. Depending on your climate, this is a good time to introduce a baby sleep bag. If you follow my comforter advice also, your baby should get through this transition without any fuss.
Stacey - Western Australia
Love love love! I wish I had of had this product in the maternity ward. We didn't get ours until 10 weeks and what a difference it made. Our son was able to sleep on his back, wasn't able to move and he stayed that was cacooned in his SOS layers and sleeping bag until 9.5months when he was then cacooned in his sleeping bag. This is a must have item for new parents. It's an incredible product.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Stacey Thank you for this lovely review. From Tizzie
Victoria - Brisbane, QLD
Fantastic wrap- fool proof! Used it with both our babies. Gave both of us confidence to swaddle our babies & they slept better for it. All of SOS products are of great quality & functionality. Thanks Tizzie!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you Victoria, it is very nice to get such great feedback.
Dominique - NSW
Fantastic wrap, even in the hottest of night's I have used the small wrap on my new born with a singlet body suit and she sleeps well. Has now become so used to the wrap that she wont sleep unless she is wrapped in it! Also very easy to use in the middle of the night when pitch black :-) A must purchase for all mums!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you Dominique, it is very nice to read you kind words about my Wrap in a wrap.
Laura - Victoria, Australia
Lifesaver!!! This is my most valuable newborn item! The best wrap I have ever used. My little bubs manages to get his hands out of everything but this is the only wrap where his arms are securely snuggled down but he has a little movement to keep him happy! The material is stretchy which is perfect, the design makes it so easy for anyone to use and I couldn't recommend it more highly to help with settling your baby quickly so you can rest! A very good investment.
Emma - Manly west, QLD, Australia
I found the wrap in a wrap to be a life saver for both my girls to stop wriggling their hands out. Great quality & highly recommend
Angela - New South Wales
I didn't believe that swaddling made a difference but after using the double wrap I'll never again question it's benefits. the double wrap is easy to use and so cosy. My baby settles as soon as I start to wrap him in it. Amazing product. Highly recommend it

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