My First Pillow (2.5 years + with removable zip cover)

My First Pillow (2.5 years + with removable zip cover)
Price: AUD $59.99
My First Pillow (2.5 years + with removable zip cover)

Save Our Sleep My First Pillow is the ideal first 'full-size' pillow for toddlers.

With a lower profile including the outer removable cotton cover, this pillow provides exactly the right amount of head and neck support for young children in a big bed. Filled with Ingeo, the new-age botanic fibre, it is encased in a pure cotton fabric shell and protected with a removable cotton cover.

Ingeo has high moisture absorbency and dispersion providing a comfortable, healthy sleep. The pillow is endorsed by the National Asthma council Australia and Tizzie Hall.

Be sure to retain the removable outer cover (pillow protector) from My First Pillow to use with your My Second Pillow.

Outer pillow protective cover made from:

  • Pre-shrunk pure Japara Cotton
  • fully machine washable

Pillow made from:

  • Cover: Pure Cotton
  • Fill: Ingeo Corn Fibre
  • Size: Standard with a 5.5cm low profile
  • Guarantee: 2 years  
  • Care: spot clean as required


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Tahnee - YOUNG
My son 2.5 yr old is just about to transition to his big bed and he's been sleeping on my first pillow for weeks now in his cot. We love everything SOS. He absolutely loves it and from reading the reviews I'm going to buy one for myself if its that comfortable.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Tahnee, Thank you for leaving this review, Cillian my middle child his Godfather, Bob will only sleep on these pillows, and you know Zoe from the Podcast her other half is the same will only sleep on these low pillows. Thank you again from Tizzie
Grace - NSW
We ordered “my first pillow” for my 4yo when he moved to his big bed. It’s perfect as it’s nice and low / flat so it’s a nice in between pillow. To go from no pillow at all in the cot, to a regular pillow would be a big change. I would also think a regular pillow Would hurt their neck!!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Thank you for the feedback it realy helps others and makes me feel good thank you.
Zoe - Vic
I’m a 47 year old dad and after using the little guys pillow one rough night I went to the HUB and grabbed myself one. I wouldn’t sleep on anything else if you paid me. The 2.5 plus years means 2.5-100, I plan to use it til I’m 6 feet under!
Jodie - NSW, Australia
Bought this pillow for my 3yo when she transitioned to a big bed from her cot. The pillow is a fantastic thickness for a first pillow. Filling Tizzies guidelines and using her products since my girl was a baby, I knew the pillow would be exactly what I needed without having to research a million other products to find the right one. She loves it still 2 years on.
Natalie - NSW, Australia
My son absolutely loves his new pillow he is now converted to a back sleeper from being a tummy sleeper! Winning!!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
That is great news thank you.
Renee - Berwick Victoria
Hi Tizzie, I would like to thank you firstly for your life saving book, Save our Sleep! I have followed through with all of your routines for both my children. At first I wasn’t to sure about your products and thought that this was just another “baby item” us mums got sucked in to buy. After having wasted so much money on so many unnecessary products, I was finally convinced at trying your bedding products. I fell in love! When I say I fell in love, I fell in love with the fact that your products started resolving sleep issues that I was dealing with such as sweating, baby being cold, night waking’s and not feeling secure. At last we were getting comfortable with all of our new bedding products, up until my daughter started showing signs of needing a pillow. Automatically I went out to the shops and ended up purchasing three of the biggest name brand pillows, all in which began causing sleep issues again with my daughter waking drenched in sweat, as if I had just showered her hair. How silly of me, I realised why did I go out again and waste my money when it didn’t even cross my mind that you would have this all figured out and would have the right pillow needed to resolve these problems. When I received your pillow I was surprised with the quality that was reflected when my daughter slept on it the first night. She didn’t wake during the night with her hair drenched! Please don’t make the mistake I did, don’t waste your time or money, going out and purchasing unnecessary products. Just get the products that Tizzie has hand picked for us. Each and everyone of your products Tizzie reflect the highest of quality and totally worth every dollar. Thank you for making it so easy in every way possible. Renee (Children, 25months and 12 months old)
Tizzie - Vic
Above is Ciarán sleeping safe and sound on My Save Our Sleep My First Pillow! We love it.

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