Sleep Suits Small

Sleep Suits Small
Price: AUD $79.99
RRP: AUD $89.99
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The Save Our Sleep Safe Sleep Bags are for use from 8 weeks to until often as old as 6 years.  The Sleep Suit is the next step on for your sleep bag loving child. A much safer alternative for children that like to walk around in their sleeping bag and also a fantastic way to keep them safe, cosy and warm for winter mornings or evenings.

Our sleep bags are considered bedding so allow more room to move, where as our sleeping suits are considered clothing and accordingly should fit to the child’s body - for this reason it is very important that you measure your child before purchasing, rather than going off the size you recently used for your sleeping bag. 

The Sleep Suits are for use with blankets in a big bed not a cot. The reason for this is they might use the legs to help them climb or fall out of the cot. The 1 TOG is suitable for use with a wool or cotton quilt and the 2.5 tog is suitable for use with a cotton quilt.







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