AIRWRAP SPS - 2 sides

AIRWRAP SPS - 2 sides
Price: AUD $39.99

AIRWRAP supersedes traditional cot bumpers with its breathable mesh fabric allowing maximum airflow, while protecting baby from knocks and tangling in the framework of the cot.

AIRWRAP’s thin collapsible fabric ensures it cannot be used as leverage to climb from the cot.

AIRWRAP fits most cots including larger brands like Boori.  AIRWRAP's padded breathable mesh is tested to world and local standards for breathability. Use AIRWRAP - SPS for cots with solid or fixed-ends.

Tizzie Says  
I  do not believe that it is necessary to have a cot bumper in your baby’s cot as if your baby is kept warm enough using the correct clothing and 100% cotton or bamboo bedding then your baby will not move all over the cot. However, some babies, no matter how hard you try to introduce other comforters will use the cot bars as a way of comforting themselves to sleep. This is not a problem when they are put to sleep in their own cot but if you need to go away and use a portacot or even ask your baby to sleep in a different cot with different cot bars your baby may find it difficult to settle. I had this exact problem with Cillian so what I did was used an airwrap, for around 6 weeks to break Cillian’s habit of using the cot bars as a sleep aid. I believe when used and fitted as directed the Airwrap is a safe product to use in your baby’s cot for this purpose only.


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