Houdini Stop

Houdini Stop
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Available in Single and Twin Packs. 

Chest Clip's have been standard accessories with car seats in the USA for many years.
Houdini Stop is the first and only chest clip made exclusively for Australian/New Zealand restraints.
The Houdini Stop may also be used in the UK and USA as it fits on straps up to 38mm wide!

Amazing & unique!

Do you have a little one that takes their arms out of their restraints in their car seat, highchair, pram or stroller?
Join the other Australian & Worldwide families that use & love the Houdini Stop.
So simple you'll be saying "why didn't I think of that"! Perfect for car seats, high chairs, prams & strollers.
Suitable for a wide range of ages & sizes.

Tizzie has found the Houdini stop to especially convenient for baby's who are still being swaddled. You can swaddle you baby, pop them in their pram, fasten the 5 point harness and then use the houdini stop to keep the straps firmly over your baby's shoulders!

Many Uses of the Houdini Stop (you may need to purchase 2!)

• In your car seat, can be used on '5 point' & 'H' harness.
• On your high chair to stop your child standing up & climbing out.
• In your pram & stroller to stop your child hanging over the side.
• In your double pram/stroller to stop your older child reaching the baby.


The Houdini Stop consists of two unique heavy-duty clips with a robust strap in the middle joining them. Yet is light-weight with flat surfaces making it comfortable for your child.
It is a must have child essential.

The Houdini Stop has many features for one little Chest Clip!

• Simple & easy to use, no need for threading or removing any part of the harness to attach the Houdini Stop.
• Manufactured in NZ from high-quality, durable & washable materials.
• Concentrate on driving again & not on your child as they hang out of their car seat.
• No more panic about the safety of your child while they are unrestrained.

Why the Houdini Stop is unique

• Clips around harness belting, not changing the basic function of the restraint.
• Grip feature to the clips, to stop children moving it up and down the harness while clipped on.
• Dual button clip release, gives it one handed removal and makes it almost impossible for children to remove.
Graphic pictures of a crash test result when a child's arm's are not in their restraints in a car accident;




Directions of Use

• Place at child's chest line.
• Open up one side of the Houdini Stop by pressing in the release buttons on the side.
• Slip the bottom flap fully under the car seat harness and snap shut.
• Repeat with other side.
• To remove, press the buttons on the side of the clip, you can permanently leave one clip attached to the harness

Supplier Disclaimer

This is an after market product, used to help prevent children removing their arms from their carseat restraints. this is not a child restraint. all care has been taken in ensuring safe manufacture of this product. Any injury or damage that may occur, due to the misuse or incorrect fitting of this product will not be accepted as the responsibility of the supplier or manufacturer. Please refer to your carseat instruction booklet or manufacturer to ensure warranty while using this product.




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