Save Our Sleep ULTIMATE bedding bundle

Save Our Sleep ULTIMATE bedding bundle
Price: AUD $579.99
RRP: AUD $639.82
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This is the Ultimate Save Our Sleep bedding bundle with everything you need to help establish and safe and warm sleeping environment for your baby!

The bundle includes:

2 Save Our Sleep Cot Mattress protector

2 Save Our Sleep Bamboo Cot Sheet sets - WHITE

2 Wrap in a Wrap 1x Small (0-3 mths) and 1x Large (3-12 mths) - GREY MARLE

2 Save Our Sleep Cot Cellular Blankets - WHITE

2 Save Our Sleep Cot Bamboo Heirloom Blankets White  Alternatively you can upgrade the 2 Heirloom Blankets to the new Luxury Blankets by adding the $60 upgrade, in the drop down menu, to your shopping cart.

2 Comforters of your choice - select option for comforter choice


*you will be sent all products in the colours listed above unless a request has been made to change the colour - 

  Cot Sheet Set are available in White or Grey

  Wrap in a Wrap are available in White or Marle Grey 

  Cellular Blanket are available in White or Grey

  Heirloom Blanket are available in White or Silver



When you purchase this bundle you will also receive a FREE Save Our Sleep Safe Baby Sleep Bag. PLUS a printed copy of Tizzie's Safe Bedding Guide. 


Available in Grey Elephant, White, Pink or Blue 


To upgrade 1st select the bundle and add it to your cart, next click on the item you would like to upgrade and add it to your cart. You cannot put two dots in at once. 



Choose your comforter from the eight available:

Lizzie Lamb, Dizzie Dog, Bizzie Bunny, Mizzie Monkey, Fizzie Frog, and Pink, Blue or Grey Elzzie Elephant. 






anom - AU
I never take the time to write a review or write recommendations or simply write to say a HUGE thank you however I wish someone had told me about the benefits of using these products prior to stocking up a nursery full of polyester and sweaty clothing... so I’ve written my review hoping to help an other mumma make positive choices from day one! Firstly my son was a good little sleeper; we had made a lot of effort with self settling and getting him used to sleeping on his own early on which made me think purchasing additional products, (products I already had in some form or an other) would be a waste of money- money which really I didn’t have. When I say a good sleeper I mean he could always be better but on the same note I couldn’t complain. I started reading the SOS book off the recommendation of a friend, following hearing horror stories of friend’s 2 year olds waking every 2 hours to comfort suck- I was determined this couldn’t happen. Prior to purchasing the SOS book I looked at different options all promoting babies and toddlers sleep; all of which required some kind of aids such as blockout curtains or white noise, this seemed to defeat the purpose- what would I do if we weren’t home and didn’t have these items to help him sleep? So quickly I realised this wasn’t what we needed. Once I got the book I became obsessed with the benefits of self settling. I wanted my boy to be confident he could sleep anywhere with anyone who put him to bed. I had him sleeping in a snuggle bed which at times when I’d get him up he’d be quite sweaty and damp so I assumed he was hot and didn’t need all the recommended bedding. But the weather cooled and he continued to be damp which is when I realised there must be some truth to these products and bedding guide- not just an other baby item! I forked out the money and bought yet an other batch of baby items; mattress; mattress protector; sheets; blankets; comforter and sleeping bags- if you’re going to do it I thought I might as well do it all! And I don’t regret it one bit! I get smiles when I put him in bed now and leave him to self settle. He isn’t damp at all when I pick him up despite wearing more and being covered with a lot more blankets! I was nervous as to how he would sleep without the bumpers of his snuggle bed and to be on the big mattress without anything making him feel safe. But with his comforter by his side the blankets did the job and he’s happier than ever! The quality is amazing. Everything is so soft and plush; his mattress is nicer than mine and those sheets make me want to curl up in bed with him. I’d recommend these products to anyone. Buy them first time round; you’re spending the money spend it on quality and you’re buying yourself some much needed sleep! I wish I had done this. I wish I had known of these products. I wish I knew babies would sweat if not in the correct bedding. I feel bad thinking how cold and uncomfortable my little man was for the first weeks of his life; but it makes me so happy when I now see him snuggled up next to his comforter because I know he’s safe, snug and happily getting the rest he needs. No fights or stress around bed time for us! Just smiles! I wish I had known about SOS- all of it; the routines; the feeding advice; the bedding guide and the products before I was looking for a solution. I mean no disrespect to any of your team when I say I wish SOS had the same marketing as some of these other brands because every mother and bubba deserves to know about the SOS package before searching to fix a problem because I know the problem could have been avoided if we had just known better from the start! Thankyou SOS

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