Dreamwee Waterproof Bed-linen Protector Sheets

Dreamwee Waterproof Bed-linen Protector Sheets
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100% waterproof bed linen protector.  Place on top of your fitted sheet for overnight peace of mind.

Absorbent and Comfortable. Some brands are waterproof but not absorbant so they cause a pool of liquid to be captured and this will result in your top bedding getting wet. Tizzie's linen protector absorbs the moisture which in-turn helps additional bedding remain dry.

Use for potty and toilet training, child extended bed wetting, post pregnancy, maternity comfort and incontinence.

No more changing the bed in the middle of the night, simply place over bottom sheet and tuck in to keep in place for all night protection. 


Single Bed: 94 x 90 cm

King Single Bed: 107 x 90 cm

Double Bed: 138 x 90 cm

  • 100% waterproof
  • Fits over the bottom sheet to protect mattress
  • Protects sheet from moisture and staining
  • Soft and absorbent 100% cotton flannelette top layer
  • Breathable hidden waterproof membrane for comfort
  • Machine Washable and low heat tumble dry
  • This product is Asthma and Allergy friendly
  • Single bed size: 95 x 90 cm plus extra 45 cm flap on each side
  • King Single bed size 107 x 90 cm plus extra 45 cm flap on each side
  • Double bed size 1380 x 90 cm plus extra 45 cm flap on each side
  • Colour: white

What Tizzie uses this product for. 

  1. Potty or toilet training
  2. To protect the bed and a second one to protect the floor if her boys have a tummy bug
  3. For a child staying at her house or clinic who still wets the bed
  4. For clients staying in the clinic who have recently given birth to protect the sheets
  5. For a client staying who has a heavy period
  6. Tizzie also recommends it for older people suffering from incontinence

Surface: Cotton Flannel

Middle: Polyurethane

Reverse: Cotton Flannel

Skirt Fabric: Polyester/Cotton



Grace - NSW
I purchased a 2 pack of these when we transitioned my 4yo to his big bed. A couple of months ago he decided he didn’t want to wear a pull up anymore to bed, so I popped this one the bed. We initially had some sweating from him once I put it on, so I moved it to be directly on the mattress, then mattress protector, then sheet so he had some separation to it. I think now that the sweating was due to a virus, but either way with it being on the mattress it is more discreet and he doesn’t he know it’s there. Earlier this week (so about 2 months after no more pull-ups) he had an accident in the night. I quickly stripped the bed to see if the mattress was wet and to my surprise not a single patch of wetness existed! So at 230am in the morning I messaged my SOs friends to tell them how well the Brolly sheet works!!!
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Grace, thank you for taking the time to let us know. It is great to hear how this worked for you.
Kylie - Mulgrave
Recently brought two and so glad I did. I have used other brands and they weren't as protective. Since using this brand I have not had a leak onto the sheets yet.
Reply from Tizzie Hall - Save Our Sleep - The International Baby Whisperer PTY LTD:
Hi Kylie, thank you for taking the time to pop this review up.
Tizzie - Vic
If you are in the Save Our Sleep support group please read the reviews here https://www.facebook.com/groups/214124816009003/permalink/755968325157980/
Emilia - Melbourne
Hi Tizzie Just wanted to let you know I purchased this week a pack of two of the Dreamwee Mattress protector, your new product that I saw on Facebook. I purchased it actually for my dad. My dad had a massive brain bleed 4 years ago so doesn’t talk etc and is incontinent. He has become quite frail now and skin is very delicate. Anyway, mum was using the “kylie” brand mattress protector’s you would probably find in nursing homes but this has started to irritate his skin and we think he was uncomfy at night. Just wanted to say mum used your new mattress protector last night – it was nice and comfortable and soft for his skin and he did get it all wet but nothing went through to the sheets! So it worked perfectly, mum is super happy! Great product!!! It’s also nice and thin as mum washes these everyday so dries quick!! You should get these to the older community! Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with our purchase! Take care, Emilia x

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