12 Months to 24 Months

Is my baby sleeping safe and sound? What should I dress my baby in for sleep? Is your baby sleeping on his or her tummy and jammed up against the side of the cot? (Please note this is the same article as the
What a baby or toddler should wear to bed is a question I’m repeatedly asked. So I have decided to put all of my advice into one article to help you and your little ones get a full and safe night’s sleep.
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Introducing Boundaries
Tizzie's tried and tested advice on the importance of setting boundaries with your toddler and how to deal with toddler tantrums, biting and other toddler behaviour issues.
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Is your baby sleeping with you?
Sleeping with your baby is a weighty decision that deserves a full consideration of whether you should have your baby sleeping with you.
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Water Intoxication
Water intoxication, as researched by Dr James Keating MD, gives water intoxication paediatrican advice to help keep children safe.
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Step Families
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The Nursery
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Save Our Sleep® Safe Bedding Guide
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Bedtime Rituals
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